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Westword: Our Pasty Chef Yasmin Lozada-Hissom is named a Semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation's Oustanding Pastry Chef Award for the Fourth year in a row. Congratulations Yasmin!

Huffington Post:  duo is named as one of the Five Best Restaurants for locavores in Denver, read the full list here.

5280 Magazine: For the second year in a row duo is named one of the top 25 restaurants in Denver (Olivéa is on the list too!!).  Read about us and all of the other top spots here


Westword:  duo joins in on Meatless Mondays, the international campaign to bring increase our health and awareness.  Read more about our involvement here

National Restaurant News:  duo is among the restaurants that make up EatGreenerDenver, a group leading the way in the effort to make restaurants more environmentally responsible.   Read about us here

Westword: duo makes the 2011 Zagat America's Top Restaurant Guide.  Read about us and the other top Denver restaurants here

5280 Magazine:  Another congratulations to pastry chef Yasmin on her James Beard nominations, check out the other local nominees too

Eat Denver:  duo features a special menu for gluten free diners!


5280 Magazine: duo is named one of the top 25 restaurants in Denver (Olivéa is on the list too!!).  And duo and Olivéa's Pastry Chef Yasmin is named Top Pastry Chef in the city-read all about us here

The Denver Post:  duo's own Yasmin Lozada-Hissom is the only Pastry Chef in Colorado nominated for a 2010 James Beard Award, her second nomination in two years.  Read about Yasmin and the other Colorado nominees here

5280 Magazine:  duo is ahead of the curve on the new brussel sprout trend - read all the latest food trends here

Cooking Light: duo is one of the must stop places in Denver for healthy living
travel - read about it here


Mother Nature Network:  Chef de Cuisine, Tyler Skrivanek is named on of the Top 40 Chefs under 40 in the Nation for his emphasis on farm-to-table cooking

Denver City Council:  duo is proud to support the Denver City Council's Grow Local Proclamation

Denver Magazine:  Our own Yasmin Lozada-Hissom is named Denver's Pastry Chef of the Year! - find out why here

The Denver Post:  locals who love beer also love duo - read Marty Jones interview

Huffington Post: duo is one of two Denver restaurants featured in the 10 Best US

Citites for Local Food - read about eating local here Our first ever Wine Dinner was a great success - read about it here

Chef John Broening's recipe is a featured as the Organic Wine Match of the Day with Tres Sabores Perspective Wine

The team at duo restaurant brings you Olivéa restaurant!  Check out their website and read some recent articles here

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           -5280 blog

Denver Business Journal: duo chefs featured in an article about the International Association of Culinary Professionals - Read article here

Denver Metromix:  The duo Beer Dinner Series is a hit - read about them here

5280 Magazine: Sous Chef Tyler Skrivanek featured - Read his recommendations here

5280 Magazine: duo named "The Staple" brunch spot in Denver - Read the article here

April 2009John Broening and Yasmin Lozada-Hissom cook for the 31st Annual International Association of Culinary Professionals Conference - Read the reviews here

: Best New American Menu "Duo has the trappings of a simple neighborhood bistro but one with a particularly inventive cook behind the grills."

February 2009: Yasmin Lozada-Hissom is a Semifinalist for the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef - The Westword writes about it.

Rocky Mountain News
- A brief profile on Chef John Broening "Broening, the executive chef at Duo, a well-loved restaurant in the Highland neighborhood, steals the show by allowing his cooking to sing, strut and speak for itself."

Ideal Bite -
To keep fuel use even more minimal, the owner's Batmobile (a Volkswagen diesel) runs on Duo's waste veggie oil powers.  Kapow.


Hemisphere Magazine - United In-Flight Magazine: Highlighted as a restaurant not to miss during their "perfect 3 days" in Denver. Read the article. Yasmin Lozada-Hissom named one of the top pastry chefs of 2008 - Read about her here

denver Magazine:  Chef John Broening's unconventional Thanksgiving recipe is featured - get the recipe here

Westword: Best American Restaurant - "At duo, chef John Broening and his crew have been quitely redefining the standards of American cuisine, incorporating local and regional elements into classic presentations, touching always on those things that American cooks do better than anyone else: simple meats, comforting sides, rough but artistic plating.  And in the process, Broening is blazing a trail for other American chefs, showing how American food can be at its absolute best." -read article here

5280 Magazine: Rising Chef Award- Tyler Skrivanek

5280 Magazine: Best Restaurant over $30- "Pastry chef Yasmin Lozada-Hissom's desserts alone are worth a visit."

303 Magazine: "As a seasonal, contemporary American restaurant, Duo uplifts organic food and local businesses and farmers."


Cooking Light Magazine: One of four Denver restaurants spotlighted.

Gourmet Magazine: Named one of the best 100 Farm-to-Table restaurants in America. "Broening creates straightforward, satisfying comfort food (thick, succulent pork chops with hoppin' John succotash, flatiron steak with chimichurri and charred sweet potato, grilled bread with bacon and sunny-side-up egg), while pastry chef Yasmin Lozada-Hissom focuses on pristine desserts: lemon icebox cake under mountains of meringue; strawberry shortcake paired with buttermilk lime gelato. The wine list is short, sweet, and supplemented by several local microbrews."

5280 Magazine:
Best Customer Service- "... the folks at Duo cover all the bases. The servers and support staff—even if you're not sitting at their table—go out of their way to be genial and chatty, doing everything they can to make sure you have a fulfilling dining experience, from pre-meal drinks right on through dessert."

Bon Appetit Magazine: "Smack in the middle of the ever-gentrifying Highland neighborhood, duo has quickly become the area's go-to restaurant." "In a nineteenth-century mercantile building with high ceilings, exposed-brick walls and tall windows, this neighborhood restaurant is always packed..."


Rocky Mountain News: Best New Restaurant - "Duo's simple, ingredient-focused joys include captivating deviled salmon, stew-like chicken soup packed with house-made egg noodles..."

: Best Desserts - "This short, sweet board of intelligent choices draws raves from anyone with a sweet tooth (or any teeth at all) and has made loyal fans willing to wait in long lines..."

Westword: Best Restaurant to Dine Alone - "No matter where you find yourself sitting -- at the bar, in the brick-faced dining room, pressed up against the pass rail or lurking in one of the corners -- a solo dinner at Duo is a truly transporting experience..."

5280 Magazine:  duo is named Editor's Choice for the best Sunday Brunch in the annual Top of the Town issue - "on Sunday mornings, we keep heading
back to Duo, East Highland’s breakthrough neighborhood restaurant"

5280 Magazine: duo is named one of the Best New Restaurants in Denver - read why here

New York Times: " … warm, personable restaurant in the tree-lined Highland neighborhood with a well-chosen wine list and an open kitchen. The focus is on local organic ingredients, like the free-range chicken breast with tomatillo sauce ($17), and the homey exposed brick interior attracts a crowd that’s part hip, part professorial."

5280: Read the 5280 Review, PDF file