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Tyler Skrivanek, Executive Chef:

Since December of 2005, I have spent my time as a professional chef at duo Restaurant learning farm-to-table cuisine and building relationships with local purveyors. This experience, combined with my upbringing in Nebraska farmland, has allowed me to cultivate a working knowledge of food cycles and seasonality in the Rocky Mountain region.

I learned my love of cooking from a young age by tagging along in the kitchen with my Czechoslovakian grandmother during the summer months. Much later on I attended Johnson & Wales University, where I interned with Vesta Dipping Grill. From there, I joined the kitchen team at duo and was quickly promoted to the Sous Chef role in February 2006, then to Chef de Cuisine in 2009. I was honored to be highlighted as Denver's Rising Chef by 5280 Magazine soon after. In March 2012, I expanded my role to include the role of Chef de Cuisine at Olivéa, duo’s sister restaurant, which focused on Spanish-Mediterranean cuisine.  As of February 2013 I am thrilled to be duo Restaurant's executive chef!

My other creative outlet is music and as a percussionist, I can’t help but notice the similarities between a good menu and a good album. Each has their hits, B side and thoughtful arrangement. Just like an unforgettable album, my goal is to give our guests a full experience, from start to finish.

Tiffany Leong, Sous Chef:

Growing up as a first generation Chinese American, my life has and will always be centered around food. My best memories as a child all come from the kitchen table. Gathered around the table in silence (we weren't allowed to talk) just enjoying the loud noises of my family members sipping soup, slurping noodles, shoveling rice into their mouths and smelling those familiar smells that still make me smile today.

I have always wanted to be a chef. Whether or not that career choice was well received initially by my family, is a different story. The first thing I learned how to make pretty well was pastry cream and pate a choux. My grandparents used to own a bakery in Nha Trang, Vietnam so I naturally took an interest in baking. My grandmother used to send me VHS tapes of cooking shows recorded back to back for my birthday because I didn't have cable. After high school, I went straight to culinary school and attended Johnson & Wales University for a short while before I decided to stop and cook professionally full time. I have worked at wonderful restaurants in this area; The Kitchen, Rioja, The Mediterranean, & Root Down before joining duo in 2009. It's been a long and amazing journey thus far and being at duo has certainly amplified my passion for farm to table cuisine. When the farm deliveries come in and menu changes for the season are being written it feels like Christmas! I love being so committed to our farms and their products and harvesting vegetables in our urban garden for a night's service. What an incredible privilege it is to be able to walk into our restaruant with such variety and quality of ingredients to cook with and create a menu or an evening special.

If there is any single passion and love that exceeds food and cooking it is my daughter, Madelyn. I worked at duo until the very day she was born on July 21, 2012. Feeding my child and giving her the benefit and gift of beautiful, delicious food has been such a pleasure.

My hope is that our customers fall as much in love with our restaurant, our experience, creativity, and cuisine as I have.

John Broening, Founding Chef:
Our founding chef was John Broening, who opened duo in October 2005 and worked side by side with us for seven fabulous years.  In February of 2013 Chef Broening stepped down as executive chef.  He and his wife, Yasmin own and operate
, an Italian cafe in the Highlands at 32nd & Clay.