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Bobby Rayburn, General Manager:

As a native of Denver I've seen the city change a lot, the culinary scene especially and am happy to be a part of it. I've been in the restaurant industry for nearly a decade now, beginning my relationship with Keith and Stephanie at Cafe Colore in 2003 and have been the General Manager at duo since the beginning in 2005. I love being behind the bar because of its ever growing and changing dynamics. Not a day goes by that I don't learn a new drink or find a new beer, wine or spirit. Colorado is especially great for a bartender because our amazing brewers and distillers are constantly putting out great new products.
The most important thing for me though is our guests. We have the most amazing people coming into duo every day and I'm passionate and committed to making sure that everyone has a fun and educational experience while enjoying amazing food, drink and service.

-Bobby photographed during the Big Dig at the Duo Urban Farm ~ Summer 2012

Brett Yoho, Manager:

I was born and raised in rural Maryland where I spent much of my childhood exploring, playing and working on two family farms where my grandparents still live today. Summer vacations often involved riding the tractor, feeding cattle, collecting early morning eggs, shucking corn & picking beans, mending fences and cleaning horse stalls. It was these experiences that instilled in me a deep appreciation of our connection with the foods we consume. Coming from a large family, I would spend time in the kitchen cooking with my mom and grandmothers, helping, watching and asking for delicious free samples. One year I would be feeding and playing with a particluar cow in the fileds, the next year she would be feeding us. It's an interesting and powerful thing to experience that connection as a child. It really stays with you.

Brett began his career in the service industry working as a server at a local pizzeria at age 16. I quickly fell in love with the opportunity to provice great experiences for other people and the camaraderie with co-workers. For nearly twenty years I have worked in a wide variety of restaurants and bars at nearly every position, but it is in bartending and mangement that I loves most. Great bartenders have tremendous passion for both the drinks they serve and for the customers they serve them to. Since moving to Colorado in 1996 I have worked at many of the top bars and restaurants in Denver, incluing duo's former sister restaurant, Olivea.


I am really excited to be part of duo's management team. We have the most amazing staff and I get to witness them doing great thigns everyday. I'm so proud to represent duo and everything that we are.

I am an avid mountaineer, love craft beer, bluegrass music, playing disc golf and most of all spending time wtih my family.